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Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular, CD

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Navidad Puerto Rico

Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular 2006, CD

Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular, CD
Navidad Puerto Rico

Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular, CD
Musica Navidad Puerto Rico Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular, CD
Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular en CD, 2006, con Victor Manuel, Vico C, Ednita y otros
Musica de Navidad
de Puerto Rico

“Viva navidad”

Especial de el Banco Popular 2006
Como es costumbre, el especial ha sido grabado en formato de cd y dvd, y podrá adquirirse en las sucursales del Banco Popular y en diversas tiendas de discos. Lo recaudado por concepto de venta ayuda la labor comunitaria de la Fundación Banco Popular. El repertorio incluye:

Viva Navidad
Bomba para afincar
Lamento campesino
La rosa blanca
Alegría, alegría
Hermoso bouquet
Cantares de Navidad
La verdad (Le, lo, lai)
Son borinqueño
Asalto navideño
La manía
Si dejo de amarte
No quieren parar

The new Popular musical special of Popular, Viva Navidad, will be a tribute to the true sprit of the Christmas Season: the Puerto Rican family. The musical will be filmed before a live audience gathered at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum on Tuesday, August 8 at 8:00 p.m. and will feature local renowned artists as well as new musical talents. “The most important symbol of our society is the family,” said Richard L Carrion Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Popular, Inc. “It is at home where the values that characterize us as Puerto Ricans are nurtured. In that sense, our musical special is a tribute to family unity and the joy of celebrating Christmas as only we know how to do it in Puerto Rico.” Viva Navidad will gather great singers such as Ednita, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle, Vico C and new talent such as Black Guayaba and Marlon, the winner of reality show contest Objetivo Fama. Each of them will bring their talent, joy and enthusiasm into our homes. The musical will also feature performances by a group of children and teenagers who promise to reach great musical achievements in the coming decades. Salsa, plena and reggaeton are some of the rhythms that will be included in the musical. Maestro Cucco Peña will again be the musical director of the special. The artistic production of the special will be handled by Ninguna Ciencia under the direction of Paloma Suau. Angelo Medina will coordinate the musical production. Viva Navidad marks the 15th edition of Popular musical specials, which supports the community development efforts by Fundacion Banco Popular. The special will air Sunday, December 3, 2006 and will be for available for sale at all Banco Popular branches and at record stores. Viva Navidad is the last installment of a trilogy dedicated to Christmas which began in 2004 with En Mi País and in 2005 with Queridos Reyes Magos.

Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular, CD Musica 106 MusNavidad

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Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular, CD Puerto Rico


Viva Navidad, Especial de el Banco Popular, CD

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